Kiran Gupta, Charlotte Ainsworth, Joseph Yang and Winny Li

Welcome Week 2020

Attempts to Move Forward

We have sent multiple emails to the previous Office Bearers to facilitate an amicable handover of required documents. To date, we have not received a response. We hope for an amicable resolution as soon as possible.

Allocation of Budget

The previous Residential College Office Bearers in their report declared a budget of $650. Despite repeated attempts to contact them regarding these finances, we regret that we have not received a response with regard to these funds and any previous expenditure. If/when we receive them, we will take suggestions as to the allocation of these funds for thirty (30) days after receipt of funds. If no suggestions are provided, the budget will be allocated to a nearby charitable organisation (subject to SRC regulations). Please email suggestions to

Creation of a Radical Discussion Forum

Kiran Gupta and Claire O’Connor (St Andrew’s College) have created a discussion forum, with the backing of the SRC and St Andrew’s College. The aim of the forum is to promote healthy discourse between the university and colleges and to educate participants on a range of topics through healthy discussion with invited guest speakers. Anticipated topics include religious freedom, queerphobia, structures of whiteness and intimate partner violence (and other issues associated with consent). Although this event will initially just involve St Andrew’s College members and invited participants from the University, it is hoped that this will expand to the Intercollegiate community in the near future.

Upcoming Charitable Initiatives

St Andrew’s College is organising a food drive for the Asylum Seeker Centre, with the assistance of the Residential College OBs. This supplements current charitable work with Newtown Mission. The Residential College Office Bearers would like to extend an open invitation to the Intercollegiate community to join in on the food drive for a very important cause.


The Residential College Office Bearers welcome suggestions as to their potential involvement in serving the University and Intercollegiate community in line with our elected goal of bridging the gap between the university and colleges. Please send these suggestions to