SRC President’s Report – Week 7, Sem 2 2017

Isabella Brook

Welcome back ! I hope you all enjoyed your well deserved break, we’re one week closer to the end of semester.With that in mind,  I thought this week would be a good week to update you on some of the student issues that I’ve been working on this semester.

First, you might have noticed that a number of Faculty Admin desks have closed and merged into the centralised Student Admin Services. If you have an admin issue you now need to direct it to the 1800 SYD HELP number or visit the SAS Hub in the Jane Foss Russell Building. The SRC is finding that a lot of students are having issues accessing accurate and timely information via this service. We have been advocating for Faculty admin desks on satellite campuses to stay open and for the advice given to students to be logged by the university for increased accountability.

In conjunction with this, we’ve heard stories from students who are unable to locate and access academic, faculty and degree specific advice in regards to their studies. The SRC is pushing for university wide mapping of academic advice so we can clearly locate the gaps in accessibility. Alongside this, we want to make sure that the availability and quality of this advice is consistent across faculties.

The University has also just announced plans for new student accommodation at the site of the Regiment building. The SRC wants the prices of these rooms to be affordable for students, we want places reserved for temporary and crisis accommodation, and we want to see subsidized accommodation for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Finally, this year the SRC is hoping to make some serious headway on the campaign for concession travel for international students. We want to place increased pressure on the government so that international students have a fair fare. Watch this space for more information on how to get involved.

If you have any thoughts or experience with any of the issues I’ve mentioned, or if there are any other issues you think I should know about, don’t hesitate to send me an email at