SRC Presidents Report – Week 5, Sem 2, 2017

This week the FASS Board voted to increase their late work penalties from 2% per business day to 5% per calendar day. Whilst this change will only effect one part of the university, it comes at a time when our University Executive is considering a university wide late work policy.
I can already hear your groans “I’m in ‘x’ faculty and our late penalty is ‘x%’ per day’ or ‘how about you just learn to hand assessments on time”. And I hear you loud and clear, knowing how to meet deadlines is an important life skill, but hear me out. Harsher late penalties and late penalties calculated via calendar days rather than business days are inherently anti student.

Higher late penalties unfairly target disadvantage students who, due to circumstances out of their control, often find themselves having to submit work late. With the current state of the university’s special consideration and simple extension systems, it’s extremely difficult for students with reasonable ground to apply for an extension to do so. We should not be harshly penalising these students. Additionally deducting marks per calendar day rather than business day unfairly targets the many students who have to work on weekends to meet inordinate living costs. Your SRC will continue to advocate for a late penalty policy that is fair on students and compassionate to their circumstances.

Over the weekend your SRC joined the NTEU’s strike action at Usyd’s open day. We’re proud to stand in solidarity with university staff fighting for better pay and conditions. Staff working conditions are student learning conditions. Join the fight to ensure the quality of our education by joining the next strike action on the 13th of September.

Your SRC has also been busy talking to students about how we can win the fight for marriage equality and making sure that students are enrolled to vote in the upcoming postal survey. In order to win we need passionate young people to get involved, get active and join the campaign. Make sure you join us at the USyd says YES to Marriage Equality Rally on Wednesday 30 August at 1pm on Eastern Ave.