SRC President – Week 4, Sem 1, 2019

Jacky He

You are not Alone!
As semester proceeds and increasing amounts of pressure from study kick in, students might find it increasingly difficult to keep up a healthy state of mind. Remember to engage in sporting activities, take plenty of short breaks so that you don’t become overly stressed and burn out before the end of the semester.

Climate Change Strike
On Friday 15th of March, hundreds of students, both international and domestic, took off on a strike to call for actions to stop global warming and raise a communal awareness towards climate change. The climate change march has landmark significance in showing how much the issue concerns our future generations. The council at SRC endorsed this progressive move so that companies and factories may understand how serious this issue is and begin implementing strategies to minimise carbon pollution. We sincerely hope that government and companies would hear our voice and take more progressive approaches to tackle climate change together.