SRC President Jen Light welcomes you

Welcome to a new year at Sydney University.

Uni is one of the biggest roller coasters of your life, and the SRC is your life support to help you successfully get through it.

My name is Jen Light and I’m your SRC President for 2014. The SRC is your Student Representative Council, there are 33,000 undergraduate students and we are the peak body here to represent you and fight for you. We are your voice to the University, to the Government, and the wider community. The SRC is also affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS), is the national body that connects all SRC’s around the country together. NUS has a two pronged approach; one which is to lobby the Government and be the national voice on students issues, and the other is to run national campaigns throughout the year on specific education, and welfare issues.


The SRC has been around for 86 years and we have a long history of being completely run by students to benefit students. We offer free, confidential services of Casework and legal service that are available for all undergraduate students. These services spread out to Cumberland, Sydney College of the Arts, the Conservatorium of Music, the Nursing Campus at Mallett St, and Camden Campus.

University life is hard to adapt to, and there are always hiccups along the way so our caseworkers are hear, on your side to help you out with:

  • Youth Allowance and Centrelink
  • Academic Appeals
  • Discontinuing/Withdrawing
  • Students at Risk
  • Show Cause
  • Exclusion
  • Tenancy Advice
  • Fee refunds
  • Harassment and Discrimination
  • International Student Issues
  • Plagiarism and Misconduct


Unfortunately we have entered a year in which the Abbott Government will be a serious threat to our education. We are at risk of seeing the privatisation of HECS, the deregulation of University Fees, and more cuts to higher education funding. Sydney University SRC will be ready to ensure that any cuts, or threats to the quality of our education and the inclusiveness of attending university will be fought against at every level possible.
While we are facing possible cuts to funding, and increasing fees many students have to deal with rent payments, food payments, part time work and full time study. We at the SRC will be working tirelessly to fight for fairer rent costs, and a fairer centrelink system.


Like I said the SRC is completely run by students for students, and the only way this works is because we have hundreds of passionate students in our various collectives, and Office Bearers for various different departments. These include Education, Women’s, Queer, Welfare, Environment, Indigenous, International, Disabilities, Ethno-cultural, and many more.

Hopefully I’ll see you throughout the year. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me at

Have fun at uni, but most importantly get involved!!

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