Ziying (Nicole) Huang, Mengfan (Karen) Ji, Mingyu (Moses) Lin, Kigen Mera

Week 9, 2020

The impact of COVID-19 has made the collective’s activism very difficult if not impracticable. The International Student Collective is a relatively new collective, without students who are keen to attend regular events, holding weekly events became very difficult. The first international edition of Honi Soit turned out to be quite a success with the help of all the Honi editors and contributors. We were able to raise many contemporary issues international students are facing and promote cultural sharing in languages other than English.

Although events are largely stopped, we are still making sure that international students who come to us for help are directed to the correct area. The most difficult issue for international students now is likely the rent issue. International students who cannot return to Australia or cannot continue joint renting due to health or other concerns may find themselves in a difficult situation. We are also looking into getting fair fare activism going as soon as the COVID-19 situation eases.

To see that the coronavirus infection curve flattening in Australia is certainly a relief. We hope it will continue to get better in the future. However, with uncertainty, we still need to encourage everyone to keep safe and reduce the risks for themselves. We will keep updating the community with any new findings or situation changes.