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Assisting students with academic and welfare issues

SRC Caseworkers provide FREE, independent and confidential advice & support including:
Academic rights & appeals, Special consideration & special arrangements, HECS & fee refunds, Academic misconduct & dishonesty allegations, Show cause & exclusion, Centrelink issues, Tenancy & accommodation, Harassment & discrimination, Financial issues and Tax Help (July–October).

Accessibility: If you have accessibility needs please contact us on 9660 5222 or to make any necessary arrangements.

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Ask Abe Questions and Answers…

ASK ABE: Phone Debt

Dear Abe, I just received a phone bill for $580. I don’t know what happened. Normally I pay a cap price of $50. I know I used a little more data this month, but that was because the internet wasn’t working at home and I had homework to do. I can’t afford to pay that […]

ASK ABE: Do I need to pay to use an ambulance?

Dear Abe, Is it true that you have to pay to use an ambulance? Car Struck —— Dear Car Struck, Yes it is and they can be very expensive. The cost ranges from $252 to $5248 depending on the type of care and the distance travelled. If you have a Health Care Card or a […]

Ask Abe: Centrelink Over-payment

Dear Abe, I have just received a letter from Centrelink saying that I have been overpaid. I had been reporting my income according to my jobs’ pay fortnight, but they wanted it to be according to their pay fortnight. I didn’t try to hide money from them. I’ve declared everything, but they’re getting really angry […]

Ask Abe: Austudy – maximum allowable time for completion

Dear Abe, I hope you can help me with a problem I have with Centrelink. I am in my third year of my medicine course and I am on an Austudy payment. Even though I didn’t receive anything while doing my Science degree, they say that it counts towards the amount of time I’m allowed […]

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