SRC General Secretary – Week 1, Sem 2, 2018

Nina Dillon Britton and Yuxuan Yang

Welcome to Semester 2!
For some of you this may be a welcome to uni for the first time, for others it’s the time of year you realise that you cooked it in Semester 1 and it’s time to buckle down. For others, like us at the SRC, it’s the time of year that the University hands out its funding for student organisations (that’s us, SUPRA—the post grad version of us, the USU—who runs clubs and societies, SSS—not really a student organisation…at all, and SUSF—which builds the beautiful stadiums that a fraction of the student population actually gets to use. You might realise, we’re a little bit biased). Funny enough its unprecedented for the Uni to leave it this far in the year to sort it out. Almost as if the University doesn’t really care about student unionism…almost…

For a little update of things coming up this semester! Week 2 will see Welfare Week, a week that will try and show you the different services available for students. Week 3 will see the USU’s Radical Sex and Consent Week, which will host a number of workshops exploring and celebrating consensual sexual relationships. Week 4 (and I’m not biased even though I’m organising it) is the highlight of our semester. Student led workshops on everything from how to master InDesign to a beginner’s guide to Marxism to a radical walking tour of campus will be taking over Eastern Avenue in week 4. So stay tuned!

If you think you have something you need to teach the youths of today, we might still have a few workshop slots open. If you’re keen shoot me an email at

Finally, to the 3 people who have read this part of Honi, good luck and have a great semester.