General Secretary’s Report – Week 2, Sem 1, 2016

Hello all,

We trust that you have been settling in well to university and hope that you are enjoying all the tedious icebreaking exercises in your tutorials this week. Currently we are still engaging in SSAF negotiations with the other student organisations in order to secure the SRC’s budget for this upcoming year so we can fund all our cool and amazing services. We are coming close to securing the final deal, with it looking like negotiations will be completed before the end of March. (Of course this process would be infinitely easier and more pro-student under Universal Student Unionism, but that is a discussion for another day).

Secondly, if anyone would like a copy of the Orientation Handbook, we still have some left over from O-Week so feel free to come to the SRC and ask for a copy. Also as a reminder, the Census date is on March 31st, which means this is the last day for picking up any subjects, and finalising payments and administration matters with the university. Remember if you have an issue with the university administration or payment concerns, feel free to consult the SRC caseworkers on or come in and make an appointment.

Also you may have seen bright yellow posters around campus promoting a student rally on March 16th. This rally has been organised by the Education Officers and the Education Action Group in response to the restructure that has been proposed by university management, and it promises to be the first step in a strong and broad campaign. The restructure will see the reduction in the number of degrees, a reduction of staff numbers and faculty mergers. You may ask what does that mean for me? Well mainly this will cause a lowering of teaching quality at the university and progressively forcing students to undertake postgraduate degrees, meaning that you will have to spend longer at university and pay far more for your education.

Finally we would like to encourage you to get involved with a SRC collective, as collectives represent the main way for students to get involved with student advocacy and activism on campus. If you are unsure of which collective that would be right for you feel free to send us an email at

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