Condolence to Victims of Sri Lanka Easter Bombing

Easter is supposed to be a time of peace, harmony and joy for most Christian families around the world, but for some families in Sri Lanka, their holidays have become a terrifying experience of loss, heart breaks and trauma. On Sunday 21st of April, 100 innocent individuals were killed, and 500 were injured as a result of the bombing of churches and hotels in Sri Lanka.

The SRC condemns the extremist action and the malicious attempt to violently tamper with Sri Lankan residents’ Easter celebration. The SRC will work to fight against the injustices and violence in this world, stop the development of hate and inequality, and raise our voices against any form of action that forcefully ruin the peace of our community. On behalf of the University of Sydney Student Student Representatives council, I send my deepest condolence to all the Families in Sri Lanka who have suffered the loss of their loved ones.

Changing Student Code of Conduct

On Tuesday the 16th of April, I presented along with the USU, SUPRA and the science faculty representative to speak on restructuring the student Code of Conduct. We genuinely believe that the current Code of Conduct has problems such as being inaccessible, difficult to understand, and setting too much expectations on students without informing students of their rights in return.

After careful consultations with various stakeholders, and reaching out to the student community, all student organisations that are presenting believe that the Code of Conduct should be better named as a “Student Charter of Rights and Responsibilities” and should detail the specific rights that students are entitled to as well. The process of modifying the student Code of Conduct is continuing, and further updates will be informed to students through our media platforms when progress has been made.

Best Wishes to every student returning to university from Mid-semester Break

Finally, I sincerely hope every student had a relaxing and enjoyable mid semester break, and I wish all students a smooth transitioning back to university and a fruitful remaining of the semester.