by Jacky He

Code of Conduct Review

On Tuesday this week, student representatives from different student organisations will be presenting at the Academic Board regarding the University’s Code of Conduct document – which is perhaps unfamiliar to most students studying at the University. The student representatives share a strong sentiment that the Code of Conduct, when you view it, has a commanding and formal tone and uses language that is a little inaccessible for students. From our perspective, these have been the key reason why students have very little idea about the content of the Code of Conduct – or in some cases, its existence. If you have any suggestions how the current Code of Conduct should be changed, or if you see a problem with the current document, please provide your feedbacks at, we would love to hear any input from you!

Open Learning Environment & Dalyell Scholar Units

Last Wednesday, the Interdisciplinary Board Meeting has preliminarily passed through the agenda item to reconcile the Dalyell Scholar units with Open Learning Environment units for Dalyell Scholars, providing Dalyell Scholar students with a little bit more flexibility with choosing electives units of study. The agenda item further proposed that both Dalyell Scholar units and OLE units can potentially be completed through exchange or Study Abroad. Currently, the University is reluctant on introducing additional 6 credit point OLE units to the system despite previously they did examine the possibility of doing so. The agenda item would be raised again in the UE Education Committee in May, and I will provide the student community with any updates on relevant decisions that are made!