Who we help?

At the University of Sydney,  SRC Caseworkers assist Undergraduate students and Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA) have Student Advice and Advocacy Officers who assist Postgraduate students.

UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS are usually enrolled in a Bachelor degree, for example a Bachelor of Arts. Such ‘Bachelor’ degrees also include the MBBS (Medicine Bachelor, Bachelor Surgery). We also assist students who are enrolled in combined Undergraduate/ Postgraduate degree (for example a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Nursing) if they are still completing Units of Study in the Bachelor component of the combined degree. If you are an Undergraduate student seeking help. Contact the SRC

POSTGRADUATE STUDENTS are those doing a postgraduate Diploma, a Masters or Doctorate (such as a PhD or JD). The Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA)  provides very similar support to the SRC but for Postgraduates.
Students in a combined Undergraduate/ Postgraduate degree with an enquiry solely about Postgraduate Units of Study (6000 Units) or who have completed the Bachelor component should contact SUPRA. If you are a Postgraduate seeking help please visit SUPRA: www.supra.net.au.


The SRC and SUPRA assist University of Sydney Centre for English Teaching (CET) students

The SRC assists CET students heading to a Bachelor degree at the University of Sydney.  If you are a CET student heading to an Undergraduate degree. Contact the SRC

SUPRA assists CET students heading to Postgraduate studies, such as a Masters. Visit SUPRA: www.supra.net.au.