International Students – take action for fair fares and against the budget

This semester has been eventful. We launched our Fair Fare campaign at the International Festival in late April, and one of our officers spoke at the May 21 rally about how the budget will affect international students.
The Fair Fare campaign is a collaborative effort of international student collectives at this university and UNSW. It seeks to raise public awareness of the currently unfair travel concession scheme. We have collected 50 photo from students and received more than 300 likes on our Facebook page.

International students are legal students in NSW yet we are only entitled to limited travel concession. We are eligible for a discount between 24 to 35 per cent for a quarterly or yearly MyMulti 2 or 3. In order to access these discounts, students need to pay for these tickets upfront, with price starting from $425. Access to these tickets is controlled education provider: students need to retain
a one-time code from the university and use it to purchase tickets online.

This scheme not only brings unfairness, but also safety concerns. Students, out of financial considerations, will choose to walk home alone during night time than catching a bus or train. Buying a full price ticket everyday costs a considerable amount of money for a student. We call for all students, local and international, to support this campaign. You can simply ‘like’ and share our Facebook page (, or participate in our ongoing photo shoot.

We wholeheartedly support the rally against cuts to higher education, because we believe that it will affect International Students. One of our officers, Emma, spoke at the USYD rally about how the federal budget will compromise teaching quality and its consequences. International Students are not cash cows and we will not pay for the education that does not value as much as it costs. Current students, though immune from fee deregulation, will suffer as the Australian government compromise education quality.  Future students will be rational enough to analyse their choices for education destination. Australia will hence become a less attractive destination when tuition fees increases as well as living expenses.

We are passionate about all issues concerning International Students. Please feel free to contact any of us if you have any questions or concerns, or if you’d like to get involved in our campaigns. Simply shoot us an email at, or leave a comment in our Facebook group: search for ‘USYD Students Representative Council(SRC) International Students Officers’.

Emma Liu, Xinchen Liu, Sherry Vanbo and James Wang.

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