International Student Concession Cards

In 1989 the NSW government withdrew access to transport concessions for International Students. Since then international students have had to pay full price to use public transport. The SRC has always opposed this discrimination.

As a result of students’ vocal opposition to this discrimination the Government made a small compromise giving international students the opportunity to buy long-term travel passes at a slightly discounted rate. However this concession is no longer available. That means international students, while being full time students, and being unable to earn full time money, and still contributing to the Australian economy as our 3rd biggest export, still have to pay full fare.

So having said all of that, the SRC strongly advises students to only use correct tickets (e.g., Adult Opal card) when travelling. Transit police frequently check buses and trains and will fine anyone who has not paid the correct fare for their journey.

If you would like advice about a fine you’ve received, you can contact the SRC’s free Legal Service. Email your questions to help@src. or if you prefer to talk to someone in person, call 9660 5222 to book an appointment.

The SRC will continue to fight to international students to have the same rights to transport concessions as local students. To join this fight contact the International Students’ Collective on 9660 5222.