General Secretary’s Report – Week 11, Sem 1, 2016

Georgia Mantle

Imagine this, there is a pie, you get half of it and a man gets the other half, equal right? Expect you weren’t allowed to make the pie, you weren’t allowed to decide what goes in the pie you only got handed that one half. So what do we do with this pie? We chuck it in the bin and make our own! In a world that is created and continued by ongoing patriarchal structures and oppression we can no longer just pursue equality because equality in a patriarchal world is not true equity.
Struggling for equity in this world is different for each wom*n – while some may be fighting for a life free of sexism, some are fighting for their lives and some are fighting to be recognised as the wom*n they are. It is essential in our understanding of feminism and sexism that we consider the way in which intersectionality affects all wom*n differently and not assume we are all fighting the same oppressions in the same way.
Sexual Harassment and assault on campus has reached the point of epidemic and the University has been dragging its feet in dealing with this. As students I urge you all to make it know to university management that you demand more from them. It is every student’s right to feel safe on campus and to not live in fear of assault. The high rates of sexual assault on campus are not being ignored by the SRC as a number of your female student representatives are working hard to put pressure on the University to do more for students. Remember if you have experienced sexual assault there are people who can help you, you can call 1800 RESPECT to speak to someone who can help you. You are not alone and you are not responsible for what has happened to you.

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