General Secretaries’ Report – O-week 2016

Welcome new students to the University of Sydney and welcome back to all who are joining us for another year of madness. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves we are the Co-General Secretaries of the Student’s Representative Council (SRC). What does that mean? We are responsible for the SRC’s budget, ensuring that you the student body know what we do and who we are as well as generally assisting the President and being a voice for students on campus.

Over the summer we put together the SRC’s Orientation Handbook which is available to all student this handbook is a detailed guided to everything students need to know about being at University. It has articles from all the SRC’s collectives with details about how to get involved so be sure to check it out! While you are at it pick up the Education Department’s Counter Course Handbook which provides you with a no bullshit account of education at USYD with detailed reviews of subjects and units across all faculties.

Make sure you swing by the SRC’s stall on Eastern Ave and pick up a FREE goodie bag! Packed with loving care by the members of the SRC with lollies, condoms, stationary and important (but also fun) information.

Some of you maybe aware that the University asked you to pay some money for something called, ‘Students Services Fee’ basically this is money that students pay that gets divided up between the different student organisations so we can provide our services. Negotiations are currently underway to ensure that the SRC gets enough of that money so we can continue to run our super important free casework and legal service as well as funding student run collectives.

These pages in Honi every week will be written by members of the SRC Executive team and collective Office Bearers and will give a great insight into the happens of the SRC. Alternatively you can get in contact by sending us an email with any questions you have about the SRC and we will be sure to answer them.

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