Fahad Ali and Eleanor Barz report back from the Queer Collaborations Conference

It’s been a productive month for the USyd queer community. This July, 28 of us attended the annual Queer Collaborations Conference, which attracts roughly 300 delegates from universities around the country. This year it was hosted by a collective made up of universities in the Sydney region, with USyd and Macquarie University accommodating most of the meetings, workshops and events.

During the conference, we became particularly concerned about the deteriorating situations for LGBTIQ people in Russia and Greece. On Saturday the 13th  of July we worked with the other delegates to organise a rally outside the Greek Consulate to express solidarity with trans* people and sex workers, who are systematically attacked by the Greek government.

The queer community at the University of Sydney has also led the charge in promoting the rights of intersex and sex and gender diverse (ISGD) students around the nation. Last December, as a representative of the Queer Action Collective (QuAC), Fahad spoke in favour of a motion to support sex and gender diversity at the National Union of Students (NUS) National Conference. However, we should like to see tangible change rather than hollow support for a string of black marks in a policy document. For this reason, QuAC is planning to return to the NUS National Conference at the end of the year with a proposal that will fundamentally alter the way office-bearers are selected. We will insist that NUS extend its affirmative action provisions to include ISGD students. Delegates from across Australia have unanimously endorsed this move at Queer Collaborations.

Feel free to contact us at the email address provided if you would like to know more about the queer collective or Queer Collaborations.

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