Eleanor Morley and Ridah Hassan – Taking action against the Budget

The National Day of Action against Abbott and Pyne’s attacks on higher education on May 21 saw thousands of students hit the streets in the biggest student rally in Sydney in almost a decade! At Sydney Uni 1000 students heard from a variety of speakers discussing how the budget will affect students and the fightback we need before marching through the quad, and to join other campuses from NSW at UTS.

Sydney Uni has a vibrant history of student radicalism, and it is fantastic to see these traditions being revived in response to Abbott’s class war budget. We have made it clear we will not accept these attacks on education, healthcare and welfare, and we will continue to protest, occupy and disrupt until we win.

Over the past couple of weeks, every time a Liberal MP has stepped onto a University campus across the country they have been met with the angry chants of students. Here in Sydney we have targeted Julie Bishop (twice!), Christopher Pyne and George Brandis, and we will continue to do so for as long as these parasites try to demolish public education.

Unfortunately, our University administration has decided to do the dirty work of the Abbott government by issuing a student activist with a one month campus ban for participating in the protest against Bishop. This is a worrying attack on free speech; we have the right to protest to protect our education.

Annabel Crabb, Amanda Vanstone and others may denounce our actions, but our actions have garnered majority support from the rest of the country. The next anti-Abbott action that you can get involved with is the Bust the Budget rally on June 28, meeting outside Town Hall at 1pm.

This is only the beginning of our campaign against Abbott, and we hope to see all those who joined the rally on May 21 to come back out early next semester when we will be holding another National Day
of Action against this budget.

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