Dylan Parker lays down the budget

Welcome back to Semester 2, it has been a while since I last wrote and a lot has happened since then. However, one thing in particular that I should inform you about is the budget that I have produced and passed for the 85th Council.

While, Budgets sure aren’t the sexiest things in the world and I’d love to be the General Secretary with the freedom to throw money around willy nilly, I am proud of the final product. I’m proud because if there was one word to describe this budget that word is ‘measured’.

The 85th Budget strikes the right balance between targeted savings and increased expenditure, reconciling the increased pressure on our services with the fact that our organisation faces a $73,000 reduction in university funding. Importantly, I have tried to accommodate all interested parties and departments while still looking after the long-term sustainability of our organisation.


  • Due to the negotiated $73,093 reduction in funding by the University, SRC expenditure will be modestly greater than our income by a figure of $43,543.
  •  Mandated salary increases within the EBA, claimed entitlements, an additional part-time caseworker, an expanded legal service and departures have seen fixed staffing costs increase by 15% on 2012 figures from $1,096,976.79 to $1,264,176.57.
  • SRC activist budgets are at a historic high of $49,350 in recognition of the importance of the staff and student strikes as well as increased demands by office bearers.
  • Costs for SRC publications have remained relatively constant.
  • Overall spending on the National Union of Students (NUS) is down by $21,000 on account of the SRC’s negotiated reduction in affiliation by $10,000 in affiliation fees and Edcon not being in Sydney this year.
  • Many thanks to Chitra, our Admin Manager who was of great assistance from start to finish. From hereon the name of the game is expenses control. With monthly reporting to Exec I am sure we will be able to stick to our own plan.
  • As the Honi pages only allow for so much detail, if you would like a greater explanation of the 85th Budget feel free to grab me at the offices, drop me a line, or email at general.secretary@src.usyd.edu.au.

Dylan Parker



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