Disability Awareness Week

This week was disability awareness week, often these type of events are overlooked due to elections that’s fine, but it went quite well. We’ve received dozens of new members in the collective as a result. As it was awareness week let’s talk about awareness. It’s not known by a lot of people but 9/10 females with a mental illness have been sexually assaulted. That’s an abominable statistic. More often then not you’ll find a lot of the perpetrators of this abuse are people who are in positions of power i.e. support workers, medical professionals etc. As a result, a campaign has emerged to improve service delivery to women with disabilities. This campaign is called ‘stop the violence.’ It’s important that these facts are known as more often then not we will find that disability isn’t always in the common verbal discourse when people talk about marginalised groups.

The collective has had a big week this week as was said earlier disability awareness week was on and there where a host of events and stalls on campus regarding disabilities. We also hosted drinks at hetmans and will continue to do so fortnightly as a means of creating a stronger collective that can live on in the forthcoming years.

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