Changes to the SRC Budget and more…

Welcome back to class!

Since our last report, we’ve been instituting some of the changes set out in the 2015 SRC budget.

This includes extending the hours of the Legal Service, increasing the pay of the Honi Soit editors, and obtaining approval of the SRC’s affiliation fee to the National Union of Students from their Fee Review Committee.

Further, we’ve purchased two megaphones for the SRC’s new shared resources pool – coming soon to a protest near you. We’re also proposing new policy for the loaning of items from the shared resources pool at the SRC’s August Council meeting. The meeting will be held on Wednesday August 5 at 6pm at the Professorial Board Room (in the Quadrangle). As always, all undergraduate students are welcome to attend.

Over the break we were also involved in discussions with the University regarding its strategic plan for 2016-2020. You may have recently received emails from Vice-Chancellor Dr Spence about discussion papers prepared by the university on its strategic plan. Please take time to read through and consider these papers, as they have important implications for the future of undergraduate study at The University of Sydney. We are particularly concerned about the equity implications of this paper, lack of adequate detail in plans for improving cultural competence at the university, and the repercussions of the proposals for staff.

Beyond campus, with fee deregulation still on the Liberal party’s agenda, the National Union of Students has called a National Day of Action for August 19. Mark this date in your diary and join the SRC at the Law Lawns on Eastern Avenue at 1pm as we continue our fight for a more fair and equitable education system.

Finally—a reminder that if you’re looking to sell last semester’s textbooks or buy textbooks for this semester at a discounted rate, check out SRC Books at SRC Books is located on Level 4 of the Wentworth Building (opposite the International Student Lounge).

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