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SRC Women’s Officer’s Report – Week 5, Sem 1, 2019

Gabi Stricker-Phelps and Crystal Xu

FREE Sanitary Items

We have purchased our first batch of sanitary items! We intend to refill stock each month. If you need sanitary items, please do not hesitate to come and get what you need from the SRC office under the Wentworth Building free of charge.

Women’s Health Week and Mental Health

We are proposing a Women’s Health Week from the 6-9th of September 2019. This would involve health focused talks, information sessions and workshops. The focus topics include:

  • Contraception and Sex
  • Self-defence classes
  • Zumba or aerobics
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Understanding abortion and accessing pregnancy services
  • Nutrition
  • Reliable and affordable health care services for students

If you have an idea or topic you would like to raise during this week (or before) please visit or contact us.
We are liaising with the Health Education Officer, Miriam Deshayes. Miriam also wants the University Health Service to collaborate with SUPRA and the SRC for University Mental Health Day on the 7th of May.


We had a follow up meeting with Sophia Zeritis and the senior manager of diversity, leadership and inclusion department, Sarah Abbott, to discuss potential collaboration between the SRC and the university on promoting career development and female leadership panels. We submitted a student survey result about university career services and pointed out several problem areas that the career centre could focus on to improve student experience and the provision of services. We also intend to run a panel discussion forum in Semester 2 with female alumni to foster mentoring relationships.

Female Journalism: ENID

We are working on promoting and setting up the ENID platform, an online hub of USYD women’s opinions, work, thoughts and issues. If you have an interest in writing, illustrating, photography, playing a musical instrument, performing, giving advice or have anything else you want to share contact us as per details below. All students are welcome and encouraged to get involved.

SRC Women’s Officers – Week 4, Sem 1, 2019

Gabi Stricker-Phelps and Crystal Xu

International Women’s Day:
We volunteered with a group of USYD Women to the UN IWD workshop and breakfast #MorePowerfulTogether. Read more, donate or volunteer for UN Women via:

In the afternoon we organised the screening of Period. End of Sentence. Cady Brown reflected, “The climax of the film- where the woman suggests the name of the sanitary product company will be “fly”- moved me significantly- as the movement is exactly what they wanted women to do- is to fly.”

Sanitary Item Project:
We have free sanitary products in the SRC office under the Wentworth Building for any student at USYD.

We met with Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence and Sophia Zeritis. It was a highly constructive meeting where we discussed our major project ideas, sexual assault and harassment policy and the ways in which the university can work with the SRC to deliver the best outcomes for USYD students.

We attended the Safer Communities Advisory Group Meeting. If you would like to attend (or have people attend) the Bystander Training Program which teaches about what to do when you witness assault or harassment and to safely intervene or Responding with Compassion, we can arrange this.

We met with the University Health Officer and The Breakfast Club where we discussed organising a Women’s Health Week in September. If you have ideas on health services that you would like advertised or provided during the week or about health projects on campus more broadly contact us.

Upcoming events include:
Vege-Table Mondays- Addison Road Community Centre Marrickville from 18th March
Shared Table Project for local homeless women: 28th March
#Feminist Conversation between Roxane Gay and Christina Hoff Sommers 29th March.

Female Journalism:
We met together with the following girls who responded to our call out including: Kate Scott, Holly McDonald, Amy Mifsud, Caroline Song, Angel Opie, Charlotte Plashik, Sonia Gao, Olivia-James Mckeown, Connie Zhang, Sarah Sekandar and Hannah Kingsmill. If you want to contribute towards an online publication aimed at promoting women’s issues and opinions contact us.

Women’s Officer’s Report – Week 2, Sem 1, 2019

Gabi Stricker-Phelps and Crystal Xu

Welcome Week:
We edited the USYD Women Handbook 2019, available via:
We gave out purple tote bags, Future Women memberships and USYD Women 2019 Stickers, designed by Kate Scott.
We sourced U by Kotex pads, jewellery by Olyeu, lollies and information from the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship to include in the bags.

Sanitary Item Project:
We are intending on running a program where all students who require sanitary items are able to access them for free. There will be a donation box towards the charity KindNecessities.

International Women’s Day:
IWD is on the 8th of March and we have two events:
1) Volunteers to UN’s IWD breakfast.
2) Holding a USYD IWD lunch and screening of the Oscar-winning documentary: Period. End of Sentence.

External Events: *Discounts available*
– Roxane Gay and Christina Hoff Sommers, “A Conversation About Feminism,” (This is 42).
– Australia-Indonesia Youth Association’s “Women Who Lead: Stories of Success” panel talk by professionals across the business, entrepreneurship, media and engineering sectors.

We established consultation hours from 1-2:30pm each Tuesday in the SRC or otherwise by appointment by email or FB message request.
Facebook page: USYDWomen2019.

Sexual harassment and assault:
Sarah Tynan, NUS Women’s officer was at our Welcome Week stand raising awareness about NUS’s campaign alongside EROC Australia and The Hunting Ground- Australia calling for a National Taskforce into sexual violence at universities.
An excerpt of the open letter we have signed:

“We are calling for a National Taskforce…:

SRC Wom*n’s Officer – Week 1, Semester 2, 2018

Madeline Ward and Jessica Syed

HELLO AND WELCOME TO SEMESTER 2: THIS IS WHAT WE’VE BEEN UP TO. We have a new arch nemesis in the form of Labour MLP Greg Donnelly. Greg thinks it’s fun to bully women and queer University students from his lofty seat in NSW state parliament. To Greg we disrespectfully say: fuck off. Safe Access Zones Passed which is a huge step in the path to safe, legal and free abortion in NSW. We organised a vigil for Eurydice Dixon, Qi Yu and all victims of gendered violence in Sydney. 7 women have since been murdered, most recently Melbourne woman Laa Chol. The silence from so called feminists in the wake of her tragic murder has been deafening. Do better.

THIS WEEK marks 1 year since the release of the AHRC report: and we are still angry. We have a week of actions planned, so keep up to date on our Facebook page and come to the NDA on Wednesday.

Yours in rage,
The University of Sydney Women’s Collective

SRC Wom*ns’ Officers Report – Week 11, Sem 1, 2018

Madeline Ward & Jessica Syed

Hello babes. If you have made it this far you are likely aware that we have spent quite a bit of time putting together this edition of Honi. Perhaps you have even contributed to it. Perhaps you are one of us, and wrote this report at two in the morning in between eating stale brownies from last week’s Safe Access Zone’s stall at two in the morning hoping for some kind of cosmic reprise which may give you energy and strength to finish this paper.

Anyway, we had that stall for a reason – the Safe Access Zones bill which would criminalise harassment of patients outside abortion clinics in New South Walles about which we have been endlessly harping on goes to debate in State Parliament on Thursday. The details of the support contingent/rallly we are organising are somewhere on the preceding pages of this magazine, please find it, we are too tired to recalll the page numbers, and also please come and be a good lefty and support reproductive safety .

Also we have been meeting with a misc. member of management to discuss, lo and behold, a standalone sexual assault pollicy which is supposed to be implemented by next semester??? Which seems a bit fucked because when has the uni ever actually done anything about sexual assault on campus amirite so we aren’t like 100% trusting them at this point and some of their ideas about the policy seem a bit dodgy. But nonetheless your faithful wom*n’s officers will keep you the FUCK updated on any and everything that happens re: this policy.

For now we must scoot and complete the remainder of whatever we have to do to get this bad boy in your hands on Tuesday arvo.

Au revoir nos chers camarades!!!!