SRC President’s Report – Week 7, Sem 1, 2019

Jacky He

Keep Kinley in Australia

Receiving permanent residency in Australia is an extremely strenuous process that involves submitting many documents and completing various language tests to finally receive an opportunity to just line up for a permanent residency status.

Imagine being the person who finally waits for the day when they are informed they may have a chance to stay in Australia, but is then informed that they will be unable to receive permanent residency due to a hearing disability and deported from Australia. To put forward disability as a reason to not grant someone their permanency residency is an extremely discriminative behaviour that we should oppose.

Kinley Wangchuck was a victim of such discrimination. I would like to think Australia is a fair country where everyone can be treated equally, and therefore we need to protect the weak by raising a voice.
SRC will be joining NUS Disabiility Officer in their initiative on Thursday 11th of April at 12pm outside the Department of Immigration office in Sydney to keep Kinley in Australia, as disability should beyond all doubt NOT be a cause for deportation. I encourage everyone to support the initiative and take a stance to help Kinley and his family.

SRC stands with Christchurch

Almost three weeks have passed ever since the Christchurch massacre happened on the 15th of March 2019, but the trauma and the pain from the tragedy have never faded away. As the SRC, we condemn the fascist behaviours and we send our most sincere condolence to the victims of the tragedy and their families, and we extend this condolence to the wider Muslim community who has played an extremely important role in Australia’s multiculturalism. This week, I will compose a letter to both the Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre expressing the condolences and solidarity of the SRC on behalf of the student body at Sydney University. We strongly oppose islamophobia and stand against any forms of racism, bigotry and oppression.

SRC President’s Report – Week 6, Sem 1, 2019

Jacky He

SRC Pizza and Beer Party Overview

The SRC hosted a very successful pizza and beer party open to all undergraduate students on Thursday 28th of March. The event attracted the attendance of around 100 students across all faculties and disciplines, including both international and domestic. It was a fantastic opportunity for undergraduate students, especially for first year students, to expand their network at the University. It was also very lovely to see our student office bearers actively engaging with other undergraduate students, getting to know their needs and feedbacks about the SRC. The SRC, in collaboration with Courtyard, was able to provide each one of our 100 students with a free beer. We also had a face-painting workshop set up for the students! Hereby I would like to thank the entire senior executive team, especially Caitlyn who has been responsible for organising the marketing and organising helpers for the event. I would also like to thank our international student officers Visspa, Ken, Janet and Jahanzaib for their works in preparing and setting up the event. I would also like to thank our caseworker Mel for providing safety advices that have allowed the event to proceed without any issues.

Enhancing Student’s University Experience

The university’s campus experience steering group is recently looking for students to participate in their study about student experience on campus. If you are an undergraduate student who is interested in being a part of the process, please visit our SRC Facebook page and scroll to the relevant section to register your details. Or you may also visit to register your interest.

SRC Presidents Report – Week 5, Sem 1, 2019

Jacky He

Progress Update on Open Learning Environment

Readers of my report would have been aware that a particular issue that I have been focusing on ever since the beginning of the semester was Open Learning Environment. Through a meeting with Professor Peter McCallum, the

Chair the Board of Interdisciplinary Studies, we proposed a few preliminary solutions (non-finalised that would aim to potentially increase more six credit point OLE units options, make it possible to complete OLE units through overseas exchange programs, mitigate the extra workload that Dalyell Scholar students have to take on and provide additional support to students. These proposed changes will be raised in the subsequent Board of Interdisciplinary Studies Meeting, and if that is passed, will be reported to the UE Education Committee and Academic Board. If stakeholders and professors are satisfied, the earliest date of implementation will be from Semester 1 of 2020.

SRC Beer and Pizza Party

The SRC is hosting a party at Courtyard for ALL UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS! The event will take place on Thursday the 28th of March and we anticipate to have approximately 100 undergraduate students attending. We have also invited a few undergraduate tutors from various disciplines to participate in event. We hope to provide our students with a relief from assessments and allow them to network and receive some study tips from the tutors.

SRC President – Week 4, Sem 1, 2019

Jacky He

You are not Alone!
As semester proceeds and increasing amounts of pressure from study kick in, students might find it increasingly difficult to keep up a healthy state of mind. Remember to engage in sporting activities, take plenty of short breaks so that you don’t become overly stressed and burn out before the end of the semester.

Climate Change Strike
On Friday 15th of March, hundreds of students, both international and domestic, took off on a strike to call for actions to stop global warming and raise a communal awareness towards climate change. The climate change march has landmark significance in showing how much the issue concerns our future generations. The council at SRC endorsed this progressive move so that companies and factories may understand how serious this issue is and begin implementing strategies to minimise carbon pollution. We sincerely hope that government and companies would hear our voice and take more progressive approaches to tackle climate change together.

Your Council at Work Report – Wednesday 6 March 2019

The second Ordinary Meeting of Council was held on Wednesday 6 March 2019.

The following substantive motions were considered and carried:
R6.  Support the School strike for climate
Moved: Lily Campbell
Seconded: Alev Saracoglu
1) The USYD SRC will advertise the passing of this motion with a press release.
1)  The USYD SRC will co-host the central university contingent Facebook event and will share the event on its social media platforms.
1) The USYD SRC calls on students to leave their classes in the USYD walk off on Friday 15th March and commends the NTEU in their refusal to punish students for doing so.

Q1. We need to support Mental Health
Moved: Dane Luo
Seconded: Nick Forbutt
1)  The President and any student representatives will use all mediums to the University (including on University committees) to advocate for:
1)  Uncapping the total number of counseling sessions it offers each student per year.
1) Bringing counseling and psychological services, or other mental health support, to all satellite campuses by having ‘travelling counsellors’, setting up new facilities or otherwise.
1)  Support mental health awareness and initiatives for all students.
1)  The Council will campaign to create mental health awareness and inform students on how to seek support.
1)  The Council endorses and supports the NUS No Mind Left Behind campaign.
1) The University of Sydney SRC commits to fighting against Government and University cuts to student support services, welfare, attempts to increase student fees and costs and calls on greater public funding to these services and affordable public housing.

Q2. End weekend exams
Moved: Dane Luo
Seconded: Jayesh Joshi
The President and student representatives on the Academic Board and other University Committees shall urge the University to stop holding exams on the weekend and seek alternative arrangements for those exams.

Q3. Cigarette Litter Bins
Moved: Jayesh Joshi
Seconded: Georgia De Mestre
1) The SRC will investigate the cost of these bins and the specifics of where and how they should be installed
1) The SRC shall make infrastructure requests for the university to install the bins

R2.Support the SRC’s action in providing Charitable work towards the homeless
Moved: James Ardouin
Seconded: Annabel De Mestre
1)  The SRC shall create a working group, of anyone interested, that shall organise the SRC’s actions on this.
1)  This group shall contact nearby charities that work with the Homeless and investigate ways that the SRC do its part in providing a program to allow volunteers to give food to these local impoverished people.
1) This group shall create a food/donation bank and organise a campaign to the University to promote student and staff donations to this project.
1)  The groups actions shall be focused on, but not limited to, the alleviation of Student and Youth homelessness, especially that of Students of the University of Sydney.

R3. Defend democracy and free speech in the USYD SRC
Moved: Vinil Kumar
Seconded: Grace Bowskill
1) The Sydney University SRC reaffirms its commitment to democracy, freedom of speech and participation in the political process.
2) The Sydney University SRC reaffirms that all meetings of council are open meetings.
3) The Sydney University SRC reaffirms the right of non-councilors to attend and speak in council meetings.
4) The Sydney University SRC reaffirms the right of student media to attend and report on meeting proceedings.
5) The Sydney University SRC Facebook page will publish public Facebook events for each council meeting within 48 hours of councilors being notified of the meeting.
6) The SRC President will publish a statement on the SRC Facebook page and in Honi Soit conveying the SRC’s above commitment to democracy, free speech, transparency and inviting students to attend and participate in council meetings.
7) SRC councilors commit to encouraging a culture of discussion and debate within council meetings through their own participation and will avoid measures that restrict free speech through bureaucratic or procedural means. This includes, but is not limited to:
a) Removing speaking time by proposing speaking limits equal to zero minutes/seconds
b) Disallowing speakers for and against during discussions of SRC motions and procedural motions

R4. The SRC condemns the removal of historic stickers in the SRC OB room
Moved: Ellie Stephenson
Seconded: Swapnik Sanagavarapu
1)  The council condemns the removal of historically valuable stickers from the SRC OB room
1)  The council seriously questions the judgement and principles of the individuals who removed the stickers
1)  Mourns the loss of the stickers
1)  Commits to preserving other important relics of SRC history carefully.

The next Ordinary Meeting of Council will take place on Wednesday 3 April 2019 at 6:00pm at New Law 026.