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Contact a Caseworker

Ask for HELP via email:


To See a Caseworker:

p: 9660 5222 (please phone to make an appointment 9am – 5pm weekdays)

Drop-ins (no appointment required):
Tuesdays & Thursdays, between 1 and 3pm

Level 1, Wentworth Building G01, University of Sydney NSW 2006 (access from City Road, walk down the staircase to basement level). See map.
NOTE: The SRC is located down a flight of stairs and may be difficult for students with mobility issues to access. If you prefer a face to face appointment you may be able to use a back entrance via the loading dock, or we may be able to book a meeting space in another venue. Alternatively we can meet with you on the telephone or through Skype.

Satellite Campuses:
If you are from another Sydney University campus, please call 9660 5222 to make an appointment to see a visiting SRC caseworker on your campus. Some casework is possible to resolve by email or over the phone.


What to bring to an appointment:

Please bring the following PRINTED material to your caseworker appointment:

  • Your current academic record if it is a University matter. This can be a screen shot of Sydney Student, listing all your past subjects.
  • All emails or letters you have written to the University about your issue (now or in the past, ie if you have had to show cause before.)
  • All emails or letters University staff have written to you about this issue (check through your emails in case you may have missed something.)
  • Any documents or evidence you have and plan to show to the University.
  • Any draft letter you may have prepared for us to look at. We encourage you to read the SRC leaflet on the issue and have a go at writing something, even in dot point form.
  • PRINTED format only please