Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after their Summer break, your SRC Welfare Officers are thrilled to get to work

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after their Summer break, your SRC Welfare Officers are thrilled to get to work on the myriad campaigns we have in stall for you throughout the year (the conception of which involved far too many glitchy cross-continental Skype conversations and cluttered Google Docs.) To break the ice and extend our appreciations for your efforts, we the Welfare Officers would like to recognise a few of the more exceptional feats of courage demonstrated by you, dear reader. We would like to congratulate those of you who managed to wade through the Turkish bath that was Eastern Avenue during O Week, along with the long-suffering stall coordinators who managed to stay alive during those three days, fuelled singularly by the double-espresso-shot-guarana-infused V energy drinks without suffering fatal heart palpitations (you know who you are. Shame.)

This year, the Welfare officers will be conducting several different campaigns for the student body to actively participate in and benefit from, including a wider range of multilingual services and resources offered by the SRC. We’re looking forward to expanding the ways in which we communicate with you in a way that every student can access, such as those lecture bashes you so fondly associate with us SRC-types. For the cash-strapped gourmands on campus, we are also planning on setting up an emergency food bank and student cookbook for those of you who can’t quite justify the just-shy-of-ten-dollars baguette from Taste. And finally, we will be running a combined drug and alcohol safety campaign to further educate students about recreational drug use and its presence in University culture, complete with a student-composed handbook of personal experiences.

Of course, we couldn’t forget all of you first year students who are able to read this because you are seated comfortably outside your lecture theatre having arrived early in a fit of optimistic eagerness; congratulations. A small word of caution, however, in the hauntingly dulcet tones of The Carpenters: “we’ve only just begun”.

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