Autonomous Editions of Honi Soit get launched

Over the past week, we’ve felt so lucky to end the semester with a bit of a bang. Our autonomously edited and written edition of Honi Soit was released on Tuesday and we can’t thank all the wonderful editors and contributors enough for coming together and producing a wonderful publication to share with fellow students, friends and family. We also held a joint launch party with the Indigenous Collective, which involved pizza, poetry slams and a beautiful bunch of people who came along to support our editions of Honi Soit. A big shout out the Indigenous Edition’s Editor in Chief, Madison McIvor, whose strength and passion was absolutely inspiring.

We heard from over ten performers who shared with us the power of words, the power of voice and the power of coming together to hear each other’s differing experiences. Our hosts Bridget Harilaou and Sonia Feng educated us on poetry slam etiquette and we were clicking our fingers in absolute awe of the stories and words shared by the poets. As we looked around the room we could see people clicking because they could totally empathise, clicking because they’d just learnt something new, and clicking

This week has highlighted to us that to be part of creating change; the sharing of stories and personal narratives holds incredible power, especially the stories of those who are often disenfranchised or silenced. Aimee Stanford and Charlie Jackson-Martin led us in an autonomous queer story sharing evening and we’re looking forward to organizing a number of intersectionality workshops over the holidays and the semester to come.

Georgia Cranko, Julia Readett and Phoebe Moloney.

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