ASK ABE: Strained living at home

Dear Abe,

I am currently staying with my girlfriend in her parents’ house. Her parents are really lovely, but I think it is causing a strain in all of our relationships. I moved out of my house because things were really awful there. Do you know if there is cheap housing available through the university?


Dear Strained,

I am sorry to hear that things are awful in your home. If it is because of physical, emotional or sexual violence you may be eligible for Youth Allowance (Unreasonable To Live At Home). Alternatively if you are over 22 years you would also be considered “independent”.

Hopefully that will help with your finances.

The University used to have 40 low rent beds available but I do not think they are available any more. The University has plans of building new accommodation (eg, Urbanest in Darlington, and Queen Mary in Camperdown), but it is completely unclear if there are going to be low rent beds or if there are going to be scholarships for the rent. Either way, the University has not announced how many beds will be provided. With over 51,000 students the only low rent accommodation available are the 38 beds offered at STUCCO. This is the student housing co-operative situated in Newtown.

In terms of emergency or temporary housing while you’re trying to get somewhere permanent to stay you can talk to SRC Help for some ideas. This way you can preserve your relationship with your girlfriend and her parents.


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