ASK ABE: Plagiarism

Dear Abe,

I was really pushed for time so I used something I read in an article for my assignment without putting it in the bibliography.  Now I’m in trouble for plagiarising.  My friend told me that if I tell them I didn’t mean to do it that I wouldn’t get into trouble.  I wanted to check what you thought.

Short Cut

Dear Short Cut,

You are already in trouble because you plagiarised.  The first thing you should do is talk to an SRC Caseworker about your situation.  We generally find it best to tell the truth about what you did and why.  Make sure you are diligent with future assessments, as the penalties become significantly more severe.  Be prepared to accept a zero for that assignment as a minimum penalty.  This usually means failing that subject.  Note here, that it is just as bad to copy from your own previous assignment, as it is another piece of work, without using correct referencing.


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