Dear Abe,

I’ve received a letter from the University accusing me of misconduct. My mate told me that they’re not the police, and they haven’t got any power to do anything to me. I was going to just ignore it, but I thought I should double check with you.


Dear Teflon,

If the University has accused you of misconduct, the chances are that they already have some evidence that you have done something wrong. While they certainly do not have police powers, they have the ability to give penalties including giving a fail grade for a subject, suspending you from University for a semester, and for extreme cases, expelling you from the University for good. They can, and have in the past, notified the police of wrongdoing, for matters including assault and fraud. It is best to take misconduct allegations seriously. Meet with an SRC Caseworker to discuss the best way to respond. To make an appointment call 9660 5222 or send an email to