Ask Abe – International Student Super & Tax Returns

Hello Abe,

My friend told me that I can get back the superannuation payments that my boss made while I was working here. I am going home to my country in December. What do I need to do?

Overseas Money

Hello Overseas Money,

The news on this is great for international students. If you worked here your boss could have paid money into a Superannuation fund for you. This is meant to be savings for your retirement, however, since it is unlikely that you will be here then, you can usually have it now. Of course there are conditions like your visa has expired or been cancelled and you have to be out of the country to apply. You’ll need all of the details of your Superannuation fund so keep copies of the statements that they send you. Go online to apply – Normally you will get your money about a month later.

Remember also, that you can fill out a tax refund from any wages you earned. Do this before you leave Australia. Again ask the Australian Tax Office for the forms you need.


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