Ask Abe: Discontinuing Without Failing a subject (DC)

Dear Abe,
I’ve tried my best with my subjects but it just feels like I’m going to fail at least one, maybe two of them. Nothing is happening that is wrong in my life, I’m just feeling a bit distracted and bored. Is there a way I can withdraw from them without having to pay for them?


Dear Trying,
The deadline for Discontinuing without Failing a subject (DC) is Friday of Week 7 You can go do this through Sydney Student. However, any subject you are enrolled in after the census date (31st March for 1st semester, 31st August for 2nd semester) is billable, whether through fees or HECS. If there is a compelling reason that you need to drop the subject now, like unexpected illness or misadventure, you could apply for a remission of HECS or a refund of fees. You will need documentation to support your claim. If you need help with this ask an SRC caseworker by emailing


For more information see: the SRC Guide to Discontinuing and Withdrawing