Ask Abe: Centrelink and Income

Dear Abe,

How much can I work while I’m on Youth Allowance?


Dear Working,

Youth Allowance and Austudy recipients have a Student Income Bank (SIB), which allows you to work while receiving a Centrelink payment. Each fortnight you are allowed to earn $437 without any reduction to your payment. If you earn less than $437 in that fortnight, the remainder is carried over to the next fortnight. This can accumulate to a maximum of $10,900 a year. If you earn more than your SIB in a fortnight, your Centrelink payment is reduced by
50 cents per dollar for every dollar between $437 and $524, then 60 cents per dollar for every dollar afterwards.

These amounts are current as at March 2018, and will change a couple of times a year.


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