I am very confused about what the census date is.  This is my first semester.  Do I need to do anything or is it all automatic.



Dear Cen-suss,

The census date is always the 31th March and 31th August.  It means that whatever you are officially enrolled in on that day, you will be billed for.  This is for local students with HECS or for international students.  The census date is approaching now, so look carefully at all of your Units and make sure that you are happy to be doing the ones you are enrolled in. If you withdraw before the Census date you might avoid a later fail mark.  If you’re not sure what to do, talk to a faculty subject advisor.
Remember: if you are receiving Youth Allowance or Austudy you will need to maintain a minimum full time load, which is 18 credit points or more (24cp is the standard load).  If you have a “temporary incapacity” such as illness or a longer term disability that prevents you from studying full time then talk to SRC Help to see if you can get Centrelink on a lighter study load.


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