Addressing Anti-Semitism allegations

Recently, the Vice Chancellor sent around an email to all staff and students of the University alleging that student activists had been engaging in anti-Semitic behaviour on campus. This has been a growing controversy within the walls of our University and it’s time that a few things were set straight.

Firstly, as President of your SRC I reject the allegation that our students engaged in anti-Semitism. The views our students hold have nothing to do with a person’s ethnicity, beliefs or religion.

Secondly, the conflict happening right now involving Palestine and Israel is nothing more than an invasion for land. It is the same thing that happened to this country 227 years ago. The only difference is that, due to technological advances, the whole world can see.

Thirdly, I find it horrible that the right to protest has been compromised because people have completely twisted the issue in the direction of race wars and discrimination based on religion. I think it’s quite childish, particularly when the marginalised group in this circumstance still gets the short end of the stick.

I, personally, stand in solidarity with those accused of acting in an anti-Semitic manner because I know that this is only a strategy to silence those wanting justice for our comrades in Palestine.

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