International Students’ Officer’s Report – ACAR Edition

Hi, I am He Lu, the International Student Representative in the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) of the University of Sydney. This is the first report I made for this new semester. Semester 2, 2015 (July) will be the second semester we work as International Student Representatives in SRC.

Last semester, International Student Office created an event for international students and local students as a welcome party for the new semester. Free drinks and foods were provided at the time. New ideas and questions were shared during the meeting. We also made the language exchange sessions. Additionally, problems about International students’ visa were talked with councilor inside SRC and Honi Soit. Working visa and jobs will still be our focus this semester.

In this semester, welcome party has been considered to be held for sharing problems and gathering advice. Language exchange programs are still welcoming all students who are interested in. Also, connection has been made between International Student Office of Sydney University and the councilors in UTS. More events have been planed in order to work united. More events and information should be released during this semester. We strongly hope more students can give us more feedback or any idea you would like to share. The collectives of International Student Office would always like to help you with the problems and also welcome any of your idea.

Please do not hesitate to email , if you have any concerns of your university life.

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