For this week’s autonomous Wom*n’s edition Abe has handed this column over to Lola for her sound advice.

Dear Abe,

I just broke up with my partner and I am too upset to finish the essay that’s due in at the end of the week. I’ve seen my doctor and she said that I just needed to concentrate on my assignment and not worry about romance. Without a doctor’s certificate I cannot apply for Special Consideration, but I really don’t think I can get the assignment in on time.


Dear Single,

I am sorry the doctor did not take your distress seriously. Please do talk to someone, e.g., a counselor, if you find your circumstance negatively effecting aspects of your life.
As you said, without a Professional Practitioner’s Certificate it is unlikely you would be successful in a Special Consideration application, however, you may be able to apply for a Simple Extension.
Simple Extensions are an informal arrangement between a student and the course co-ordinator, where a student is given two extra days to complete an assignment. Often that is enough for you to take a breath and settle your thoughts before launching in to an assignment.