SRC Wom*n’s Officer Report – Week 11, Sem 1 2017

On May 11 we protested the screening of the “Red Pill” – a popular alt-right recruitment film that promotes the idea that men are oppressed by women. Since MRAs only discuss men’s rights and masculinity in reference to feminism or violence against women, it’s not acting for men, it’s acting against women. This isn’t activism that focuses on establishing services for issues that affect men, this is resentment that people believe women when they talk about the violence they’ve suffered at the hands of men. Importantly, the screening was attended by known fascists from the United Patriots Front.

In particular, the film promotes the notion that feminists have overstated the existence of ‘rape culture’, and that many women are lying when they voice their experiences of sexual assault and thereby feeding into a culture that condones and normalises rape. The documentary’s star, A Voice for Men’s Paul Elam, is a pro-rape racist who in 2010 wrote: “Should I be called to sit on a jury for a rape trial, I vow publicly to vote not guilty, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the charges are true.” Given the prominence of the sexual assault campaign, we believe that this screening was a targeted and antagonistic attempt to discredit feminists and women on campus.

Last week we also protested the Catholic Society’s event called ‘Is Abortion the Solution?’ which was a shameless display of anti-woman and anti-choice propaganda. The event posed as neutral, yet had an explicitly political and religious agenda: one that has at its core the restriction of bodily autonomy. The choices people make regarding their pregnancy should be properly informed and unchallenged by partisan groups who use misinformation to persuade them to choose a particular option. Abortion should be free, accessible, and safe with absolutely no apologies.

Sorry Day is coming up on Friday 26 May, and at 5:30pm Victoria Park the Wom*n’s Collective will be protesting against forced child removal, incarceration, and for reparations and healing for the Stolen Generations and their families. The feminist movement has often overlooked the struggles facing Aboriginal women. Whilst feminists have advocated for reproductive rights through access to abortion, Aboriginal women have been fighting for their children and rights as mothers. The government continues to take Aboriginal children from their families, now at the highest rate ever. USyd Wom*n’s Collective says “no more!”: there must be Aboriginal control of Aboriginal child welfare. Please join us, Friday 5.30pm in Victoria Park.

As always, email us at usydwomenscollective@