ACAR Report – Week 2, Sem 2, 2016

Aparna Balakumar, Elizabeth Mora, Lamya Rahman, & Adam Ursino

Hi everyone! We have had a very busy semester break and an exciting start to this semester.

Last Monday, ACAR collaborated with the Philosophy department to organise and deliver a series of talks about damaging imaginaries that intersect experiences including feminism, race and governmentality. The event was a great success and well received by both collective members and the student community in general.

During the winter holidays, two office bearers – Adam Ursino and Lamya Rahman – attended the first ever national ethnocultural conference at the University of Melbourne. We’d like to thank Betty Belay, NUS’s Ethnocultural Officer for organising the conference.
The conference alerted us to the fact that the SRC’s Ethnocultural Department is one of only eight equivalent departments or collectives within the student organisations of Australian universities.

This functions as an inspiring reminder that USyd, in terms of ethnocultural representation, inhabits a space of relative privilege. It’s important for us to use the resources available to us, and our attempts to do that man that we have a very busy semester ahead of us!

Towards the end of semester, we’ll be producing an ACAR edition of Honi Soit, showcasing diverse and traditionally marginalised voices on campus.
While there have been some delays in our communication with the USU, we are in the process of attaining an ethnocultural space! We will continue updating you in the coming weeks, and look forward to holding meetings and other events regularly.
If you’d like to keep up to date with what the collective will be up to this semester, feel free to like our Facebook page ( or join the ACAR group ( Please note that to join the group, you must first be a member of the University of Sydney group.

We hope you have a brilliant start to semester!